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Issues and Controversies in Antiracist and Multicultural Education






Philosophy and the Holocaust

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Class 2
Gavin Langmuir - From Anti-Judaism to Antisemitism

Class 4
Koonz - Racial War at Home

Class 5
Bennett - The Conscience of Huckleberry Finn
Garnett - Conscience and Conscientiousness

Class 6
Pushed to Their Psychological Limit
Browning and Goldhagen

Class 8
Zangwill - Perpetrator Motivation: Some Reflections on the Browning/Goldhagen Debate

Class 9
Piper - Auschwitz Concentration Camp: How it was used in the Nazi system of terror and genocide and in the economy of the Third Reich
Feig - Non-Jewish Victims in the Concentration Camps
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

Class 13
Blum - The Poles, the Jews, and the Holocaust: reflections on an AME trip to Auschwitz

Class 14
Levi - The Gray Zone

Langer - The Dilemma of Choice in the Concentration Camps

Class 16
Bartov - Spielberg’s Oskar: Hollywood Tries Evil

Class 17
Block/Drucker - Irene Opdyke
The Altruistic Personality

Class 18
Pawlikowski - The Catholic Response to the Holocaust
Phayer - The Silence of Pope Pius XII

Class 19
Littell - The Meaning of the Holocaust

Class 20
Nostra Aetate

Class 21
Rubenstein/Roth - The Silence of God: Philosophical and Religious Reflection on the Holocaust

Class 22
Vetlesen - Hannah Arendt and the Crisis of Judgment

Class 24
Baumann - Introduction: Sociology After the Holocaust

Class 25
Gaita - Genocide and the Holocaust

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Timeline Assignment
The Moral Responsibility of the Men in Police Battalion 101
Primo Levi/Holocaust on Film Assignment
Final Holocaust Assignment
Study Questions For Final Exam On Nazi/Holocaust Basics

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Langmuir - From Anti-Judaism to Antisemitism
Jones - Helpers, Rescuers, Bystanders 
The Church and the Jews during the Holocaust
Littell - The Meaning of the Holocaust
Christianity Correcting for Antisemitism
Gaita - Genocide and the Holocaust
History Of Germany, Nazism, & Anti-Jewish Policies Before The Holocaust: An Outline

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United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (website)
Online Holocaust Resources (pdf)

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