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Issues and Controversies in Antiracist and Multicultural Education







Issues and Controversies in Antiracist and Multicultural Education

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Class 1 - Introduction and Introductions
Speech on Race - Barack Obama March 18, 2008

Class 2 - Racism
Hacker - Being Black in America
Implicit Racism
Bertrand/Mullainathan - Are Emily and Greg More Employable than Lakisha and Jamal? A Field Experiment on Labor Market Discrimination
Wu - Model Minority: Asian American "Success" as a Race Relations Failure

Class 3 - Racism, continued. Racial identity and school performance
Oliver/Shapiro - Black Wealth/White Wealth
McIntosh - White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

Class 4 - Racial identity and school performance, continued
Davidson - Johnnie Betts on Recasting the Self
Lee - Reflecting Again on the Model Minority

Class 5 - Anti-Racist Education
Boyd/Arnold - Teachers' Beliefs, Antiracism, and Moral Education: Problems of Intersection
Carter - On Spotlighting and Ignoring Racial Group Members in the Classroom
Delpit - Education in a Multicultural Society
Blum - Multicultural Education as Values Education

Class 8 - Immigrant and Latino students
Horne - An Open Letter to the Citizens of Tucson
Davidson - Marbella Sanchez: On Marginalization and Silencing
Olsen - Learning the Language of America
Suarez-Orozco - The Children of Immigration in School

Class 9 - Immigrant students and natives
Kasinitz/Mollenkopf/Waters/Holdaway - Conclusion: The Second Generation Advantage
Pew Research Center, “The Rise of Asian Americans"

Class 11 - Religious Pluralism
Nord - The Grounds for Social Trust
Macedo - Multiculturalism and the Religious Right
Eck - Is Our God Listening
Banerjee - Survey of Religion in U.S. Finds a Broad Tolerance for Other Faiths

Class 12 - Islam and Muslim Identity
Armstrong - Islam Agonistes
Sen - Religious Affiliation and Muslim History
Karp - Arranged Marriages, Rearranged Ideas
Anway - American Women Choosing Islam

Class 13 - Homophobia and Homosexuality
Boswell - Introduction to Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality
Jung/Smith - Discerning True and False Threats
Zia - Out on the Front Lines
Sadowski - Sexual Minority Students Benefit from School-Based Support—Where It Exists

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