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Named, Distinguished, Keynote, and Honorary Lectures

"Equality, Diversity, and Solidarity as Educational Values in Western Multi-ethnic Societies," keynote address, Workshop on Solidarity and Individualism in Education, Department of Education, University of Göteborg, Sweden, August 2008

"How to Talk, and Not to Talk, About Racism," keynote address, Center of Pedagogy, Montclair State University, April, 2003

"Racism: What it is and what it isn’t," Keynote address inaugurating Key Bank Cultural Diversity Lecture Series, Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah, March 2001

"Can We Talk About Race," The Rosel Schewel Lecture in Education and Human Diversity, Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, VA, April 2000

"Racism as a Moral Concept," Francis Villemain Memorial Lecture, San Jose State University, February 2000

"Race, Community, and Moral Education" the Lawrence Kohlberg Memorial Lecture, keynote address for Association for Moral Education, Dartmouth College, November 1998

1996-1997 Visiting Scholar, Department of Philosophy, University of Maine: "Defending Particularity in Ethics", April 1997

1997 Larkin Lecturer, Mt. St. Mary's College (Los Angeles): 2 lectures: "Ethnicity, Identity, and Community" and "Racial Integration Revisited", April 1997

Guest Lecturer (3 lectures: "Moral Particularity", "Gilligan's Ethics and Group Identity", "Antiracism and Multiculturalism"), Center for Medical Ethics, University of Oslo, Norway, March 1993

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Philosophy/Political Theory Presentations

"Race, Class, and Immigration: A Normative Framework for Equality," presentation to Society for the Study of Africana Philosophy, New York, May 2008

Paper on David Wong’s Natural Moralities, author-meets-critics session, Pacific Division of APA, Pasadena, CA, March ‘08

"Racial Inequality," Philosophy Department Colloquium, Middlebury College, Vermont, November 2007

"Race and Class: A Normative Framework," sponsored by Department of Philosophy, Syracuse University, November, 2007

"Race and Class: A Normative Framework," California Roundtable on Philosophy and Race, California State University at Northridge, October ‘07

"’What are you, anyway’: Race, Ethnicity, and Panethnicity as Social Identities," Oberlin College Philosophy Department, Sept. ‘07

"False Symmetries in Far From Heaven," for Working Group on Philosophy, Film, and Love, La Cadiere D’Azur, June ‘07

"Race, National Ideals, and Civic Virtue," at "Social Diversity and Civic Virtue" conference, Florida State University, March ‘07

"Racial Inequality in the Context of Ethnicity and Class," invited colloquium on "Gender and Race", APA, Eastern Division, December ‘06

"Race and Class: A Normative Framework," presentation in panel on "Katrina: Lessons on Race, Class, and Ethics in America," at Association for Practical and Professional Ethics, Jacksonville, FL, March ‘06

"Best Traditions Patriotism: A Comment on Ben-Porath, Miller, and Wingo," Association for Philosophy of Education session at APA, Dec. 2005

"Why is Racial Inequality Wrong?" Presentation to Philosophy Department, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, September 2005

"Race, Ethnicity, and Pan-Ethnicity," University of San Francisco Philosophy Department Colloquium, April 2005

"Reply to Critics," "Author Meets Critics" session on "I’m Not a Racist, But…", sponsored by Pacific Division of APA, San Francisco, March 2005 [critics: Tommie Shelby, Harvard; Eamonn Callan, Stanford; Ronald Sundstrom, Univ. of San Francisco]

"Racial Discrimination and Racial Inequality," University of Chicago Law School Colloquium on Law and Philosophy, February, 2005

"Race, Virtue, and Moral Education," presentation to Philosophy of Education society of Great Britain, Oxford, UK, April 2004

"Race, Virtue, and Moral Education," presentation to Philosophy of Education Society (of North America), Toronto, April 2004

"Virtue and Race," presentation to Philosophy Department, Duke University, December, 2003

"Racial Discrimination and Color Blindness," Centenary College of Louisiana, sponsored by Philosophy Department, November 2003

"Can African-Americans Be Racist?" College of Charleston (SC) Philosophy Dept (co-sponsored by African-American Studies, Political Science, and Sociology), October, 2003

"Visual Metaphors in Iris Murdoch’s Moral Philosophy," WOGAP (Feminist Philosophers’ Network in Boston area), October ’03

Senior Commentator on presentation "Kurt Cobain v. Master P: A Critical Taxonomy of Multicultural Education," by Meira Levinson, at Young Scholar Conference, Program on Ethics and Public Life, Cornell University, March 2003

"Visual Metaphors in Iris Murdoch’s Moral Philosophy," Philosophy Department Colloquium, Brandeis University, March 2003

"What Do Theories of ‘Racism’ Tell Us?", Philosophy and Racism conference, Baruch College, NYC, March 2003

"Virtue and Race," lecture to Philosophy Department, University of Michigan, February, 2003

"‘I’m Not a Racist, But…’," Philosophy Department Colloquium, University of Louisville, October, 2002

"‘I’m Not a Racist, But…’," Philosophy Department Colloquium, Bryn Mawr College, October, 2002

"‘I’m Not a Racist, But…’," Philosophy Department Colloquium, Guilford College (North Carolina), October, 2002

"Reply to Silliman and Byrne," in Author Meets Critics session, at North American Society for Social Philosophy (NASSP), University of Oregon, July 2002

"Racism: What it is, What it isn’t, Why it matters," presentation to Institution on Race and Social Division (Boston University), September, 2001.

Panel discussion on Iris Murdoch, conference on "Iris Murdoch, Philosopher," (with Martha Nussbaum, Maria Antonaccio, Stanley Rosen), Brown University, April, 2001

"Racism: What it is and what it isn’t," St. John’s Seminary, Chestnut Hill, Mass, October, 2000

"Racism and the Discourse of 'Culture'," Department of Philosophy, University of Minnesota, November, 1999

"Universal Values and Particular Identities," General (non-concurrent) session at Philosophy of Education Society Meeting, New Orleans, March 1999

"Moral Asymmetries in Racism," Department of Philosophy, University of Maryland, College Park, March 1999

"The Promise of Racial Integration in a Multicultural Age," Committee on Philosophy, Politics, and Public Policy, University of Maryland, College Park, March 1999

"Is Racial Integration Worth Defending?", lead paper to American Society of Political and Legal Philosophy (at American Philosophical Association, Washington, DC), December 1998

"Relativism, Morality, and Culture: Comments on Michele Moody-Adams's Fieldwork in Familiar Places," American Philosophical Association (Central Division) "Author Meets Critics" session, May 1998

"Can Black People Be Racist?", University of Maryland at Baltimore County: Department of Philosophy, Graduate Program in Applied and Professional Ethics, April 1998

"Recognition, Value, and Equality: A Critique of Charles Taylor's and Nancy Fraser's Accounts of Multiculturalism," Yale University Political Theory Workshop, November 1997
"-----" New School for Social Research Political Theory Colloquium, October, 1997

"Defending Particularity," 2nd Annual Utah Philosophy Colloquium: Ethics and Impartiality, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Utah, May 1996

"Is White Racism Worse Than Black Racism?" Department of Philosophy and Office of the Vice President for Diversity and Faculty Development, University of Utah, May 1996

"Race, Community, and 'Racial Integration'" Department of Philosophy, University of Richmond, April 1996
"-----," Department of Philosophy, and Ethnic Studies Program, University of Colorado at Boulder, May 1996

"Latinos, Racism, and the Black/White Framework," presentation to American Philosophical Association Committee on Hispanics, New York, December, 1995

"Racial and Ethnic Stereotypes: A New Approach to an Old Problem," Annual Lecture on Ethics, Hoffberger Center for Professional Ethics, Baltimore, October 1995

"Can Blacks Be Racist?", Bryn Mawr College Philosophy Department Colloquium, September, 1995

"Race, Ethnicity, Community, Communitarianism," Washington University Philosophy Department Colloquium," September 1995

Invited presentation on K. Anthony Appiah's In My Father's House: Africa in the Philosophy of Culture ("Author Meets Critics" session) , American Philosophical Association, April 1995

"Racial Identity as a Moral Identity," Oberlin Colloquium in Philosophy (annual conference): "Moral Psychology and Moral Identity", April 1995

"Racial Identity as a Moral Identity," Suffolk University Philosophy Department, February 1995

"Deflating Particularity," Conference on "Virtue Ethics", University of Santa Clara, March     1994

"Racism: Moral Asymmetries," Philosophy Department, College of William and Mary, March 1994

"Can Blacks Be Racist?", lecture sponsored by Philosophy Department, African-American Studies, Women's Studies; Northwestern University, October 1993

"Individual and Institutional Racism," sponsored by Smith College Philosophy Department, Feb. 1993

"Racism and Multicultural Education," Oberlin College, sponsored by Department of Philosophy, Women's Studies Program, and Department of Black Studies, April 1991

"Philosophy and the Values of a Multicultural Community," American Philosophical Association (Central Division), sponsored by Central Conference on Teaching Philosophy, April 1991

"Communitarianism and Virtue, " First Annual Riverside Philosophy Colloquium, Univ. of Calif. at Riverside, May 1991

"Particularity and Moral Perception," Conference on Impartiality (sponsored by Ethics), June 1990

"Gilligan and Kohlberg: The Stakes for Moral Philosophy," 20th Annual Chapel Hill Colloquium, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, October 1986

1984-1991: Philosophy Department Colloquia presentations: Sonoma State Univ. (Calif.); Dartmouth; Arizona State Univ.; Univ. of Maryland; College of William and Mary; Wesleyan; Wellesley; Brandeis; University of Kent (England); Univ. of Oregon; Univ. of California at Irvine; Stanford; California State University at Los Angeles

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"A Racially Mixed High School Class Reflects on Exclusion and Racial Asymmetries," Association for Moral Education, Univ. of Notre Dame, November 2008

"Morality and Religious Pluralism," Association for Moral Education, Univ. of Notre Dame, November 2008

"Reservations about white privilege analysis," Philosophy of Education Society, April ‘08

Comment on Nel Noddings, "Care and Empathy," Moral Development and Education SIG, American Education Research Association, New York city, March ‘08

"Some Reservations about White Privilege Analysis," School of Education "brown bag," Syracuse University, Nov. 2007

"Morality and Religious Pluralism," presentation to annual meeting of Association of Moral Education (session on morality and religion), NYU, Nov. 2007

"Mel Gibson’s Passion: Stereotype Confusion," presentation at annual meeting of Association of Moral Education (AME), Dana Pt., CA, Nov. 2004

Participant in panel on discussion of A.M.E. trip to Auschwitz, annual meeting of Association of Moral Education, Dana Pt., CA, Nov. 2004

"High School Students Talk About Morality, Community, Equity, and Cultural Contact," panel presentation, Association for Moral Education, Cracow (Poland), July, 2003

"How to Talk, and Not to Talk, About Racism," keynote lecture, Middle Atlantic Society for Philosophy of Education (MASPES), Teachers College, March 2003

"Will They Talk? A Race Theorist’s Reflections on Teaching a Racially Mixed High School Class on Racism," Department of Humanities and Social Sciences in the Professions, Steinhardt School of Education, New York University, February, 2003

Panel presentation on Civic Responsibility, Association for Moral Education, Chicago, November, 2002

"Philosophical Underpinnings of Education for Cultural Pluralism," presentation to conference on "Minority Education in the Middle East," Institute for Advanced Studies, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, December 2001

"Colorblindness as a Moral Ideal," Association for Moral Education, Vancouver, October, 2001

"Recognition and Multiculturalism in Education," Featured Speaker at Philosophy of Education Society and Great Britain, New College, Oxford University, April 2001

"Civic Standing in Light of Race, Ethnicity, Culture, Religion, National Origin, and Immigrant Status," presentation to Association of Moral Education, Univ. of Glasgow, July 2000

"Perceptions of Teaching About Race," Teaching and Writing About What You're Not, or the Nappy Hair Controversy Revisited: An Interactive Symposium, American Educational Research Association, New Orleans, April 2000

"Affirmative Action: Recent Developments and Their Moral Implications," roundtable presentation, Association of Moral Education, Univ. of Minnesota, November 1999

panel participant, "Interracial dialogue as moral education," conference: "Moral Education in a Diverse Society," Duke University (Kenan Ethics Program), April 1999

"Social Justice Within and Against Multicultural Education," The New Jersey Project conference on "Social Justice Issues in the Inclusive Curriculum," Brookdale Community College, April 1999

"Moral Psychology": Address to Union of American Hebrew Congregations, as part of UAHC initiative to improve ethics instruction in instructional settings in the Reform Jewish movement, New York City, January 1999

"Universal and Particular Identities in Anti-Racist Education: The Amistad Case," panel presentation ("Moral Education in the Face of Intolerance"), Kenan Ethics Program Conference: Moral Education in a Diverse Society, Duke University, February 1998

"Antiracist Education: A Framework," Columbia University Moral Education Seminar, December 1997

"Ethnicity, Identity, Community," panel presentation at Association for Moral Education, (Emory University), November 1997

"The Civic Dimension of Multicultural Education," Association for Moral Education, Ottawa, Canada, November 1996

"Character and Moral Education," Murray Research Center, Radcliffe College, March 1996

"Community, Race, and Education," presentation at Association of Moral Education, New York, November 1995

"Philosophical Reflections on Racism, Moral Education, and the 'Facing History and Ourselves' Curriculum," 2nd International Conference on Moral Education: 'In Search of Moral Education for the 21st Century', Reitaku University, Kashiwa, Japan, August 1995

"Some Reflections on Multicultural Education," Dept. of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Teachers College (Columbia University), March 1994

"Antiracism, Multiculturalism, and a Sense of Community: Pluralistic Value Education," Association for Moral Education, Toronto, November 1992

"Flanagan on Communitarianism," panel on Owen Flanagan, Varieties of Moral Personality, Association for Moral Education, Athens, GA, November 1991

"Values in a Multiracial Community," Harvard Graduate School of Education, February 1991

"Antiracism and Multiculturalism Revisited," Faculty Colloquium, Stanford School of Education, May 1991

"Universality and Particularity," Symposium on "The Legacy of Lawrence Kohlberg," Harvard Graduate School of Education, April 1988

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Professional Ethics, Public Lectures, Other Venues

"Races and Racialized Groups," "What’s the Use of Race" conference, MIT, April 2008

"Racial Wrongs Beyond Racism," to Parr Center for Ethics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, September, 2005

Panel presentation on Bamboozled [Spike Lee film], University of Louisville, October, 2002

"Racism: What it is and what it isn’t," Common Ground/Common Hour Colloquium Series, Connecticut College, February 2001

Panel presentation on the Ethics of Docudramas, CinEthics conference, North Carolina School for the Arts, November 2000.

"Four Values in the Domain of Race and Culture," Conference on "The Ethics of Transracial Adoption," University of Massachusetts, Boston, March 2000

"Can We Talk? Interracial Dialogue in the Classroom," public lecture, Goucher College, April, 1999

"Hostility to Immigrants, Ethnic Prejudice, Cultural Arrogance: Forms of Racism?" Institute for Race and Social Division, Boston University, January 1999

"Civic Virtue," NEH Summer project: "Civic Virtue and the Future of Democracy," Connecticut College, June 1994

"Multiculturalism in Education," Faculty Seminar Luncheon Series, Division of Medical Ethics, Harvard Medical School, October 1993

"Communitarianism and Race" (comment on Philip Selznick, The Moral Commonwealth: Social Theory and the Promise of Community), Law and Society Conference, Chicago, June 1993­

Comments on Elisabeth Young-Bruehl, "Kinds and Types of Prejudice," Massachusetts Psychological Association, April 1993

"Individual and Institutional Racism," presentation to W.E.B. du Bois Institute Fellows, Harvard University, March 1993

"Multicultural Value Education," presented in absentia to symposium on "Pluralism of Cultures or Culture of Pluralism," 2nd European Congress of Psychology, Budapest, July 1991

"Carol Gilligan's View of Morality: A Defense and Critique," Women's Studies Program, Johns Hopkins University, January 1991

"Antiracism and Multiculturalism as Moral Education," Ethics and Society Lecture Series, Stanford University, April 1990

"The Moral Limits of Altruism in the Holocaust Context," presentation to conference on "Theoretical and Social Implications of Rescuing People in Extreme Situations: Another Look at Altruism," Warsaw, Poland, June 1989

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Workshops/Consultation/Professional Development/Community Lectures

"I’m Not a Racist, But": Blacks, Jews, and Racism. Talk to Eitz Chayim Congregation, Cambridge, MA, January 2003

"Talking about Race," talk to upper school of Newton Country Day School of the Sacred Heart, for Martin Luther King Day, January 2003

"Teaching About Race and Racism, " presentation to school-wide parent meeting, Advent School (Boston), September, 2002

Lead speaker (on racism) to workshop on "Race and Membership in the United States" at Facing History and Ourselves, April 2002

Presentation to diversity trainers at Anti-Defamation League on "I’m Not a Racist, But…", winter 2002.

Instructor in "Teachers as Scholars" Program (for K-12 teachers and other educational personnel): mini-course ("seminar") on race and racial identity, January 2002 (10 hours); January 2003 (10 hours); January 2004 (10 hours)

Workshop on Racism to Needham, MA, high school teachers, November 2002

Workshops on Teaching about Race, and Issues in the Boston Busing Controversy (7-12 grade teachers), for Workable Peace, July, 2001

"Racial Identity," "Race, Racism and Racial Identity," "Race and Racism": mini-courses for Cambridge public school teachers (May 2000, Feb-March 2000, July 1999), connected with teaching at Cambridge and Latin High School during that period

Co-led workshop on racial issues in the teaching of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, under the auspices of WGBH (local affiliate of Public Television) and UMass/Boston, related to showing of "Born To Trouble: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" in PBS "CultureShock" series, April 2000

"Antiracist Education: A Framework for Teaching": 2 workshops for K-12 teachers under auspices of Facing History and Ourselves, one for 2-day institute (January 1995), other for 5-day institute (July 1995)

Five educational sessions for senior staff of Facing History and Ourselves: 3 for Boston staff (Racism [fall 2002], Holocaust education [fall 1995], moral education [fall 1996]), 2 for New York staff (antiracist education [fall 1997], moral education [fall 1997])

Testimony to Massachusetts Board of Education, concerning draft of "State History and Social Sciences Curriculum Framework," February, 1997

"Multicultural Education" and "Multicultural Education and Racism": co-led 2 mandated workshops for all instructional staff of Graham & Parks school (Cambridge public school), fall '96 and spring '97.

Consultant to Facing History and Ourselves for preparation of curricular materials to accompany film Schindler's List, and for revision of 1994 version of main resource book

"Antiracism and Multiculturalism as Moral Education," New England American Studies Association (workshop for secondary school teachers), University of Mass., Boston, April 1992

"Antiracist and Multiculturalism as Moral Education," Adult Resources Roundtable of 3rd Annual conference of Massachusetts Student Alliance Against Racism and Violence (a program of the Civil Rights Unit of the Norfolk County [Mass.] District Attorney's Office, Univ. of Mass., January 1992

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"Best Traditions Patriotism: Comment on Ben-Porath, Miller, and Wingo," session on Patriotism and Civic Education sponsored by Association for Philosophy of Education, at American Philosophical Association (Eastern Division), December 2005

Comment on Jorge Garcia, "Racism," conference on "Race: Its Meaning and Significance," Rutgers University, November 1994

Comment on K. Anthony Appiah, Tanner Lecture: "Race, Culture, and Identity, " University of California at San Diego, October 1994

Comment on Linda Nicholson, "The Arrogance of Theory," 30th Oberlin Colloquium in Philosophy, April 1991

Comment on Nancy Snow, "Compassion," American Philosophical Association (Central Division), April 1991

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