Race and Racism

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The Idea of Race; Do Races Exist?
Roberts - Redefining Race in Genetic Terms

Latinos and Race
Alcoff - Is Latino/a Identity a Racial Identity?

Racial Discrimination
Bertrand/Mullainathan - Are Emily and Greg More Employable than Lakisha and Jamal? A Field Experiment on Labor Market Discrimination
Kelly - Race and Racial Cognition
Ford - The Race Card
Race and Punishment: Racial Perceptions of Crime and Support for Punitive Policies
Lever - What’s Wrong with Racial Profiling? Another Look at the Problem

The Legacy of Discrimination
Oliver/Shapiro - Black Wealth/White Wealth
NRC - Cumulative Disadvantage and Racial Discrimination

White Supremacy and the Different Forms of Race-Based Regimes
Mills - Revisionist Ontologies: Theorizing White Supremacy

Asians Between Black and White: Outsiders and the "Model Minority Stereotype"
Wu - The Model Minority: Asian American ‘Success’ as a Race Relations Failure

The Reparations Controversy
D'Souza - The Reparations Fallacy: What African-Americans Owe America
McCarthy - Coming to Terms With Our Past, Part II: On the Morality and Politics of Reparations for Slavery

Arthur - Race, Equality, and the Burdens of History
Fullinwider - The Case for Reparations

Is Black Racial Identity a Good Thing?
Kennedy - My Race Problem — and Ours
Howze/Weberman - On Racial Kinship

The Immigration Effect: Can Racial Prejudice Be Ethnically Differentiated?
Waters - Encountering American Race Relations

The Long View and the Possibilities of Social Justice, Racial Justice and Reconciliation
Marable - Beyond Racial Identity Politics
King - The Ethical Demands for Integration

Affirmative Action in Education and the Class/Race Problem
Cohen - Race Preference is Morally Wrong
Dworkin - Affirmative Action: Does It Work?

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Assignment 1

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Handout - Comparison of English and Iberian Forms of Slavery and Conceptions of Race

Handout - Scientific Critique of Race

Handout - Racial Profiling

Handout - Charles Mills On Global White Supremacy

Handout - Discrimination and Consequences - I

Handout - Discrimination and Consequences - II

Handout - Frank Wu - The Model Minority Myth

Handout - McCarthy - Coming to Terms with Our Past - II

Handout - McCarthy - Problems of Reparations

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