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Project Sites


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UMass Boston and Dr. Anamarija Frankic were recently selected by the EPA to lead the urban waters/watersheds restoration in the Boston area; therefore, this capstone class will have an opportunity to work on several (7) pilot sites selected by local communities. The formal MOU was signed Dec. 21, 2011.

In addition, you will have a unique opportunity to work on these sites together with a landscape architecture team from Boston Architectural College (BAC) led by Prof. Kevin Benham.

Current site groups:

Project Site

Spring 2011 Students

Fall 2011 Students

Spring 2012 Students

Shannon, Sandy Beach (Upper Mystic Lake)

Carine Belizaire
Juliann Kibby

Gregory Coote
Jessica Powell


 GE Site in Everett (Rivergreen Technology Park)

Dylan Dickson
Dana Francois


Chemical Lane/Monsanto

Kristen Babicz
Kristen Queenan

Billy Castor
Milo B Stella


Draw Seven Park in Somerville

Chris Cumming Himanshu Dubey


DCR Properties in Chelsea (Ch. & Mill Creeks)

Peter Dolbec
Khoa Tran

David V Rowe


Pier 5

Mike Grealish
Kimberly Holmes

Nicolas Dart
Sarah Sibley


UMB Savin Hill Cove (salt marsh restoration project)

Alyssa Hardiman
Nicole Proia

William Baker
Danielle Hughes


UMB Savin Hill Cove (dredging assessment)

Caitlyn Mello
Gwen Richards

Mohammed Abdulai
William Johnson