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Project Assignments

1. Group initial site presentations (5 minutes) (February 7)
In addition to your PowerPoint presentation, provide a one page Abstract with preliminary project site description, with potential project goals and objectives.

Remember the basic project questions: What? Where? Why? How? When?

2. Each group will be responsible for providing weekly progress reports.  Reports may be accompanied with images, maps, etc; that we can share on the class web site.

3. Group Presentations – progress reports (10 min) (March 7)
Five page progress report documents should be included with your PowerPoint presentations.  You may use video or any other media tools and software that will help present your findings and project goals

4. Group Final Presentations & final project paper (15 min) (May 9)
Final project paper (30pp = 15pp per team member!) will include: Introduction/ Background; Project Goals and Objectives; Methodology; Results/Findings; Discussion and Conclusion;

Paper requirements: Times New Roman 12; space 1.5; page layout normal;
Provide references which need to be cited in the paper!
Images, tables, references are not included in the page count.

Capstone Grading:

 #1 = 5%; #2 = 15%; 3# = 25%; #4 = 45%;
Class attendance and participation = 10%