Welcome to the Revell Lab

This website contains information about research in the laboratory of Dr. Liam Revell.

Research in the Revell lab takes place in two main areas: the ecology, evolution, and conservation biology of tropical reptiles; and computational method development for evolutionary biology.

For more information about Dr. Revell's research on methods for comparative biology please check out his development blog.

Starting in August of 2018 Dr. Revell will be jointly appointed in the Departamento de Ecología at the Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción in Concepción, Chile.

Contact information

Department of Biology, University of Massachusetts Boston.
Office: Integrated Sciences Complex, 4th floor, ISC-4150.
Lab: Integrated Sciences Complex, 5th floor, ISC-5350.
Phone: 617-287-7259 (office); 617-287-6049 (lab); 314-580-3045 (cell).
Email: liam.revell@umb.edu. Official faculty page: link.

Departamento de Ecología, Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción.
Office: Facultad de Ciencias, 4o piso, Ave. Alonso Ribera 2850.
Email: lrevell@ucsc.cl. Official faculty page: link.

Recent Publications, 2015-present (all publications)

Winchell, K. M., D. Briggs, and L. J. Revell. In press. Perils of city life: Patterns of injury and fluctuating asymmetry in urban lizards. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society.

Bawa, K. S., T. Ingty, L. J. Revell, and K. N. Shiva Prakash. In press. Kin selection and correlated evolution of flower size and seed number in flowering plants (Monocotyledons). Annals of Botany. link

Revell, L. J., K. Schliep, E. Valderrama, and J. E. Richardson. 2018. Graphs in phylogenetic comparative analysis: Anscombe’s quartet revisited. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 9: 2145-2154. PDF supplementary appendix

Winchell, K. M., I. Maayan, J. R. Fredette, and L. J. Revell. 2018. Linking locomotor performance to morphological shifts in urban lizards. Proceedings of the Royal Society, B 285: 20180229. PDF supplementary appendix

Revell, L. J. 2018. Comparing the rates of speciation and extinction between phylogenetic trees. Ecology and Evolution 8: 5303-5312. PDF supplementary appendix

Revell, L. J., L. E. González-Valenzuela, A. Alfonso, L. A. Castellanos-García, C. E. Guarnizo, and A. J. Crawford. 2018. Comparing evolutionary rates between trees, clades, and traits. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 9: 994-1005. PDF

Winchell, K. M., E. J. Carlen, A. R. Puente-Rolón, and L. J. Revell. 2018. Divergent habitat use of two urban lizard species. Ecology and Evolution 8: 25-35. PDF

Reynolds, R. G., T. R. Strickland, J. J. Kolbe, B. G. Falk, G. Perry, L. J. Revell, and J. B. Losos. 2017. Archipelagic genetics in a widespread Caribbean anole. Journal of Biogeography 44: 2631-2647. PDF

Arcila, D., G. Ortí, R. Vari, J. W. Armbruster, M. L. J. Stiassny, K. D. Ko, M. H. Sabaj, J. Lundberg, L. J. Revell, and R. Betancur-R. 2017. Genome-wide interrogation advances resolution of recalcitrant groups in the tree of life. Nature Ecology & Evolution 1: 0020. PDF supplementary appendix

Tyler, R. K., K. M. Winchell, and L. J. Revell. 2016. Tails of the city: Caudal autotomy in the tropical lizard, Anolis cristatellus, in urban and natural areas of Puerto Rico. Journal of Herpetology 50: 435-441. PDF

Reynolds, R. G., D. C. Collar, S. A. Pasachnik, M. L. Niemiller, A. R. Puente-Rolón, and L. J. Revell. 2016. Ecological specialization and morphological diversification in Greater Antillean boas. Evolution 70: 1882-1895. PDF

Winchell, K. M., R. G. Reynolds, S. Prado-Irwin, A. R. Puente-Rolón, and L. J. Revell. 2016. Phenotypic shifts in urban areas in the tropical lizard, Anolis cristatellus. Evolution 70: 1009-1022. PDF supplementary appendix

Harrison, A. S., L. J. Revell, and J. B. Losos. 2015. Correlated evolution of microhabitat, morphology, and behavior in West Indian Anolis lizards: A test of the habitat matrix model. Behaviour 152: 1187-1207. PDF

Revell, L. J., D. L. Mahler, R. G. Reynolds, and G. J. Slater. 2015. Placing cryptic, recently extinct, or hypothesized taxa into an ultrametric phylogeny using continuous character data: A case study with the lizard Anolis roosevelti. Evolution 69: 1027-1035. PDF

Reynolds, R. G., A. R. Puente-Rolón, R. Platenberg, K. Tyler, P. J. Tolson, and L. J. Revell. 2015. Large divergence and low diversity suggest genetically informed conservation strategies for the endangered Virgin Islands Boa (Chilabothrus monensis). Global Ecology and Conservation 3: 487-502. PDF

This page contains information about the laboratory and research of Dr. Liam J. Revell, Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Massachusetts Boston (USA) and Profesor Asistente in the Universidad Catótolica de la Santísima Concepción (Chile).