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Computer Programs

My Computer Programs for Evolutionary Analysis

1. phytools GitHub page. Also see the CRAN page for phytools, the old page for phytools, and the phytools development blog.

2. Rphylip: An R interface for the PHYLIP phylogeny software.

3. Old programs page. (Mostly contains a variety of C programs for evolutionary analysis, as well as some pre-"phytools" R functions.)

4. Other projects:
- popgen 0.2: An R package for a few different types of forward-time population genetic numerical analysis, game theoretic (hawk-dove) analysis, and simulation (PDF manual; archive). **The R package popgen is now called PopGen & is available from its GitHub page.
- tps.process.R: A couple of functions for processing .tps files produced by the morphometrics program tpsDIG.
- Other new software can by viewed on my GitHub.

Webpages of General Usefulness

1. Felsenstein's phylogeny programs page.

2. R Project for Statistical Computing page. Also see the CRAN phylogenetics task view.

3. The "ape" homepage. "ape" (by Paradis et al. 2004) is the most important R library for phylogenetic analyses.

4. More links coming soon. . . .