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Field Trips and Other Pictures:

Below are some photos both from Liam's Ph.D research, as well as from recent trips by Liam & other lab members. Please check them out!

Not all trips are pictured, but Liam has worked in Puerto Rico every year since 2005. Starting in 2013, Liam co-teaches a course on tropical ecology, evolution, and conservation biology with Alberto Puente-Rolón based in Puerto Rico. Please check out the course description as well as our Facebook page for more information.

In recent years this page has not been updated, & consequently the photo scrollers no longer work, but hopefully it nonetheless gives you some idea of the diversity of field work that has been conducted in the Revell lab.

Quick links to individual trips are below:

Tropical Ecology course, 2013

In January 2013, Liam and Dr. Alberto Puente-Rolón from Interamerican University in Arecibo co-taught a course on tropical ecology, evolution, and conservation biology in Puerto Rico. Graham also did a huge amount of work for the course, acting as both the TA and frequent guest instructor. More information about the course, which we plan to run annually, can be found on the course webpage.

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Long Island, Bahamas 2012

In November 2012, Graham, Liam, and Puerto Rican collaborator, Alberto Puente-Rolón headed down to Long Island, in the Bahamas, to investigate reports of cave use in the native boa, Epicrates striatus.

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Puerto Rico III 2012

In June 2012, Kristin Winchell led a field crew of Sofia Prado-Irwin (Barnard College) and Zachary Bergeron (University of Maryland, Baltimore County) down to Puerto Rico to start her thesis research on adaptation to urban environments in Anolis. Liam also came along to help Kristin start her project at each site, and also do some field work of his own.

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Puerto Rico II 2012

In March 2012, Graham and Liam travelled back to Puerto Rico work with Alberto Puente-Rolón and obtain some more tissue samples for the Puerto Rican boa and the introduced boa constrictor. The photos above were taken mostly by Graham.

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Puerto Rico I 2012

In January 2012, Kristin, Graham, and Liam travelled down to Puerto Rico to begin work on the Puerto Rican boa, and to scout possible field sites for Kristin. The photos above were taken by Kristin & Graham.

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Staniel Cay, Bahamas, 2011

In May of 2011, Rob Pringle, Todd Palmer, Travis Ingram, Jason Kolbe, Jonathan Losos, and Liam travelled to Staniel Cay in the Bahamas to start a long term selection study on Anolis sagrei. The project will study the ecological and evolutionary effects of predator (curly-tailed lizard) and competitor (green anole) introductions to cays around Staniel previously populated only by brown anoles (Anolis sagrei). The photos above are shared courtesy of Rob, Todd, Travis, Jonathan, & Jason.

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Dominican Republic 2010

In January, 2010, Liam met up with Luke Mahler, Bryan Falk, and Jose Luis Herrera in the Dominican Republic to help them collect for a collaborative project estimating G and P matrices for Anolis lizards. The trip was a lot of hard work, but a lot of fun. We also had the unusual distinction of experiencing the 2010 Haitian earthquake firsthand, although from a safe distance. I have recounted that experience in a Dechronization blog post. Most of the photos above are courtesy of Bryan - BF or Jose Luis - JLH.

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Puerto Rico II 2009

In May 2009, Luke Mahler and Liam traveled to Puerto Rico to collect several species, including two large series of Anolis cristatellus for a project on the introduction of that species to south Florida. Many of the pictures are courtesy of Luke Mahler (LM).

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Puerto Rico I 2009

In February 2009, Liam visited the interior and coastal northwest corner of Puerto Rico in advance of an upcoming field trip, planned for later this spring. Below are a few pictures from that trip (many of which are courtesy E. Lu).

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Vieques 2008

In the early spring of 2008, Luke Mahler, Alexis Harrison, and Liam spent two weeks on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques. Their purposes were two-fold: locate the mutant 'grey-morph' of Anolis cristatallus and find the possibly extinct Culebra giant anole, Anolis roosevelti (also thought to have once been found on Vieques). Although they managed to succeed on the first count, A. roosevelti cleverly eluded us! Many of these pictures were taken by Luke, noted as (LM).

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New Zealand 2007

In June of 2007, Luke Mahler, Brian Langerhans, and Liam attended the 'Evolution' joint meeting in Christchurch, New Zealand. In addition to a great meeting, they also took this as a chance to see some of the sights that the south island of New Zealand has to offer. Photos are mostly courtesy of Luke Mahler.

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Vieques 2007

Late January through early March of 2007, along with two assistants (Carolyn Tepolt and Jon Sweeney), Liam spent about five weeks on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques. This was the second trip of a mark recapture experiment with the crested anole, Anolis cristatellus. Most pictures were taken by Carolyn (CT) and Jon (JS), and credited wherever possible.

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Vieques and Puerto Rico 2006

In May, June, and July 2006, two undergraduate assistants, Molly Sobotka and Tori Fancher, and Liam spent five weeks on the main island of Puerto Rico and the Spanish Virgin Islands of Vieques and Culebra. Most of their time was spent on Vieques marking Anolis cristatellus with visible implant elastomers as part of a mark-recapture selection study. Above are a few pictures from that trip, taken by Liam and Molly Sobotka.

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Puerto Rico 2006

In March 2006, Jonathan Losos, Butch Brodie III, Jason Kolbe, and Liam visited the main island of Puerto Rico (Ceiba, Yabucoa, Reserva Forestal de Carite). Above are a few pictures from that trip, most of which were taken by Butch Brodie III.

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Puerto Rico 2005

In late summer, 2005, Brian Langerhans and Liam visited the main island of Puerto Rico (Fajardo, Yabucoa, the south coast incl. Ponce, Mayaguez and Rincon, Maricao, and San Juan) and the satellite island of Vieques. It was the first field trip of Liam's thesis and highly successful. It was also a blast of a trip - Puerto Rico is a beautiful country and a great place to work, and Puerto Ricans are very hospitable. Shown above are a few pictures from that trip. The photos were taken by Liam or Brian.

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