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Design for Living Complexities (Seminar in Critical Thinking)

(CCT611, Su 14, 16)

Initial Goals
I designed this 3-week multi-layered course, Design for Living Complexities in order to:

1) Develop a distinctive contribution that CCT can make in the area of design, which is central to the doctorate proposal in partnership with Mass College of Art & Design.

2) Build on Collaborative Explorations to prototype a form of MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) that does not require a large budget for high-production-value videos and instead emphasizes teaching/learning interactions. Participants could choose three options: Register and pay for graduate credit; Collaborative Exploration (Open & free—60-minute online meetings in a small group for 4 weeks); MOOC (Open & free—Participate when and for how long a person chooses) (

Review & Future Plans
The for-credit option ended up being cancelled (making space to address a family health matter), but the online course presentations were given and the CE ran as planned.  It is planned to run the course + CE + MOOC over a 6-week semester in summer 2015.  The UMB Center for Innovation and Excellence in eLearning backed the 2014 experiment and is encouraging my research and writing on CEs and this form of MOOCs.

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