Practitioner's Portfolio

Peter J. Taylor
Program in Critical & Creative Thinking
Graduate College of Education
University of Massachusetts, Boston

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Originally prepared for Promotion review in September 2001 but updated where possible since then. Please excuse not-yet-implemented links and/or notify me.
All students whose work is included here have given permission.

This Practitioner's Portfolio consists of seven binders. I welcome dialogue around the different components of the Portfolio to help readers appreciate work in areas or directions unfamilar to them. Preparing a Portfolio also corresponds to my view that formal reviews should attend to process as well as product. That is, for reviewers to be confident in continued effectiveness of a colleague, they should have evidence of the faculty member's on-going process of assessment and development of research, teaching, and responding to institutional challenges, and of cross-fertilization between those three aspects of a scholar's work.
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Detailed Table of Contents

Binder 1. PERSONAL STATEMENT with C.V., Annual Reviews, and 4th year reviews attached

From Critical Thinking to Reflective Practice, Especially about Environment, Science, and Society

This statement can stand alone as a summary of my recent work and future plans, but is better read with reference to the full Practitioner's Portfolio. Notes in the statement refer readers to relevant sections in the Portfolio and associated websites. Footnotes in the version here refer to abbreviations of publications and presentations, given in full in my curriculum vitae.



Binder 4. COURSES

[Updated Table of Contents for courses, including those taught since 2001]

Preceding the material on the courses: For each course taught in 1998-01 I include a review of: Each review is followed by: Additional material related to teaching and advising is contained in the exhibits in Binders 5 and 6.


Additional special topics courses I organized:
New courses, Fall 2001:

Binder 5. EXHIBITS from Teaching and Advising

The exhibits have been selected to illustrate the sections discussed in Section III of my personal statement.
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Binder 6. FOURTH YEAR REVIEW Practitioner's Portfolio and attachments

Binder 7. DOCUMENTS related to Service and Institutional Development

The exhibits have been selected to illustrate the four sections discussed in Section III of my personal statement, plus some other material.
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