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Eternal Now

   Spinoza expressed his resolve to: "...inquire whether there might be some real good having power to communicate itself, which would affect the mind singly, to the exclusion of all else; whether, in fact, there might be anything of which the discovery and attainment would enable me to enjoy continuous, supreme, and unending happiness." He found, for himself, that the "chief good" is "knowledge of the union existing between the mind and the whole of nature."

   The true study of Spinoza's ideas involves the study of our own particular nature, seeking to clarify the confusions and passive emotions brought about through our own imagination and, by using Reason and Intuition, to direct our mind toward union with our Eternal Essential Being.

This site is dedicated to the memory --No!, to the Living Ideas expressed by Benedict de Spinoza, and to Frederick Kettner [see The Biosophical Institute web site] and XXXXXXXXXXXXXX [Note] both of whom grasped the essence of those ideas and applied themselves to awakening knowledge of the Eternal and Infinite One in the minds of their students.

William Blakes Urizen meets his maker.

This site includes hypertext, indexed versions of the major works of Benedict de Spinoza. You will find the complete English language text from the Unabridged R.H.M. Elwes Translation [from the Latin] (1883) of:

  • The Ethics, Demonstrated in Geometrical Order
  • On the Improvement of the Understanding (also known as The Treatise on the Emendation of the Intellect and referred to here as TEI)
  • The Theological-Political Treatise (referred to here as TPT)
  • Correspondence (by Spinoza)

You will also find the Abraham Wolf Translation [from the Dutch] (1910) of:

  • Spinoza's Short Treatise On God, Man, And His Well-Being (referred to here as ST)
and the Halbert Hains Britan translation [from the Latin] (1905) of:
  • Metaphysical Thoughts (Cogitata Metaphysica) --the appendix to Spinoza's "The Principles of Descartes' Philosophy" (referred to here as MT)
Using a "split-frame" mode of presentation you can view two different areas of the documents at the same time. In The Ethics this can be especially useful since it is written in the same form as Euclid's Elements where the demonstration of a given Proposition usually refers back to earlier Axioms, Definitions, Postulates, and/or Propositions and Lemmas. See the "Introduction to this hypertext version" under Spinoza's Works for more information.

Most browsers now support frames but a few older versions do not. Without frame support you should still be able to navigate through all the pages though some features will not have their intended effect.
For Spinoza's Works in other languages see the following sites:
  • For Spinoza's Ethics and commentary in French see Henrique Diaz's wonderful site.
  • The Spinoza Society of Japan (includes an English language section). Has a wonderful collection of links to scanned images of many Latin original editions of Spinoza's writings. Spinoza Society of Japan
  • For Spinoza's Ethics in the original Latin version visit Rudolf W. Meijer's excellent site.

To download a full copy of this web site for offline use click here: Spinoza Study - Site Copy (As of 8/14/2005, 1791KB ) Unzip into a directory/folder and open the file "index.html" with your browser. Add to Bookmarks/Favorites for quick access.


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In addition to those shown above, here are some links to other Spinoza related sites (will open in a new window):

The Spinoza Net "The Spinoza Net is dedicated to furthering research, knowledge and discussion about the works, reception and contributions of Baruch Spinoza." Includes a wide range of Spinoza information and many links to other sites. Spinoza Research , Spinoza Events

[NOTE: This site seems to have gone dormant for some time.]

A Dedication to Spinoza's Insights Joseph B. Yesselman's site with many commentaries and a long list of links to related sites.
Spinoza Study Group Lewis Almeida's site; "For those interested in improving and understanding themselves, God, other individuals, and the nature of things by following the method specified in Spinoza's Ethics."
The Biosophical Institute Dr. Frederick Kettner; "...received his doctorate in philosophy from the University of Vienna in 1919 after writing his thesis on 'The Unity of the Five Books in Spinoza's Ethics.'"
Constantin Brunner Barrett Pashak's site devoted to Constantin Brunner's ideas; "Brunner relies heavily on Spinoza in all matters, including Christology".
Additional More Links to other sites.

Yahoo! Groups (Hosted by Lance Fletcher, of The Free Lance Academy):
Spinoza discussion at Yahoo! Groups "The Spinoza list is intended for thoughtful discussion about the philosophy of Spinoza and, especially, slow readings of his works."
Spinoza Ethics at Yahoo! Groups Spinoza, "The Ethics" slow reading list.
Spinoza TIE at Yahoo! Groups Spinoza, "On The Improvement of the Understanding" slow reading list.
Spinoza TTP at Yahoo! Groups Spinoza, "Theologico-Political Treatise" slow reading list.


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