Historical Scan

This is a variant of Focused Conversation used to review a group's progress or evolution over time. The sequence I intend to follow during the end of semester Historical Scan is:
"As this course draws to a close, most of you will be moving on to or back to classes that involve .... Let's look back at the experiences we've had, from the time you heard of the course until today.
Take a moment to jot down things that struck you, e.g., Keith's video, "heterogeneous construction," "OK/RNR," the interpreters,....

Now choose 5 of them and write them in on the post-its in as large block letters as will fit.

Select one from early on. [Put them on the board, consulting the class to keep them in order] ... from the middle... from the later part of the course.... others [including those covering the whole period]