Begin drafting your report early so the revision process helps you clarify what research is needed. A key thing to work on is GOSP--Grab your readers' attention, Orient them, and move through Steps so that they appreciate the Position you, the writer, has led them to.

I recommend reading Elbow, Writing with Power, chapters. 4 & 5 on Direct Writing & Quick Revising, then doing this for 90 minutes with the goal of completing an extended narrative outline or short draft. After completing this, read Elbow section III on revising, take stock of comments received on your outlines and other previous submissions, and then prepare the draft of your report.

The draft must get to the end to count, even if some sections along the way are only sketches. For the final report to be counted as final, you must have revised in response to comments from instructor and peers on complete draft (see peer commentary). Allow time for the additional investigation and thinking that may be entailed.