For this assignment each student, or pair of students, selects a topic on which to prepare a summary (2-4 pages) in written form that gives other students a quick start when they face that topic. These briefings are intended to provide or point to key resources= key concepts, issues and debates, lesson plans, web sites and bibliographic references, annotations on and quotes or paraphrases from those references, informants/contacts on and off campus, relevant workshops, etc. Imagine as your audience peers who you can interest in your topic, but who do not want to start from scratch in finding key resources on this topic and learning how to think about it. To begin preparing their briefings, students view previous versions linked to the course website or meet with me to get initial suggested resources.

The briefing assignment addresses the goal of students becoming better able to "fulfill the needs of your school, community or organization, address the information explosion, adapt to social changes, and collaborate with others to these ends."

Updated: 6-17-02