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political ecology & social theory

new blog, slicing, leading a department, writing process->product->etc. (5/8?), instrumental variables, STS20, free will, IOM depiction, followup on SMworkshop, nussbaum, embedded process evaluation
ethics of participation
notes from Beh Gen meeting; from Biostats meeting.
Curtis commentary
vertical & horizontal
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unpublished papers
political ecology & social theory

(add crosslinks to teaching tour), then journey article to get thru 2/13 (& cross links & refs & source & date & proofread), then thru 2/15 hiring schemes (add crosslinks)

draft 1/12 new digital hype (computers in education, etc.); why use computers & recent hype about digital natives
2 reasons: distractedness (confused about accommodating or countering) & tech-savvy (inattentive to variation & not critical @ using vs. open to learning new tools) + inevitability talk (to deflect critical attention)
interesting set of leads once i pursued.

cross-posting policy (=share title and summary if equally applicable)

more items from academic life, incl. autonomy
Epi mini-lectures once classes start

Why is heterogeneity an issue in SSS?
TLRP -- what is left?
notes from U.C. -- what is left?
UC autobiography
more on how to build up social media connections
cycles & epicycles -- link to previous posts
SCOL classes
lach fill in refs
interrelation among themes of facilitation
IP: use notes from folder; add insight from 640 activity
Rawls -- tags

essay behind first newssc

things not published

loop analysis & apparent interactions
shock doctrine
str pers planning
see 2010 notebook, page 57

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