Possible Phased Steps Toward Doctoral Program

1. Establish means of recognizing the existing work that C&I faculty do advising LIUS and HEA EdD students (e.g., a GCE policy might equate chairing 4 doctoral committees with 1 course and approve a Memo of Understanding about Reviews)

2. Encourage C&I faculty to serve in the EdD programs and evaluate whether they can do this work well without taking away from their core responsibilities to preparation of Teacher Educators (or other C&I program graduates).

3. See how far PT & PK can get in 08-09 (given their multiple other commitments & without a course release) in co-leading Track A so that it serves existing students and begins to attract students with more ambitious research and engagement projects.

4. Secure a course release for the non-licensure track leader ("PAL").

5. Recruit a faculty member to serve in the non-licensure MEd and CCT Program, advising students towards more ambitious research and engagement projects.

6. Building on 1-5, propose that the LIUS EdD program institute a track in Critical Curriculum Studies and the market this. (Analogy: the Biology PhD program was, for a long time, formally only a track in the UMB Environmental Science doctoral program.)

7. Once this track has a track record, submit a proposal for a Ph.D. program in Critical Curriculum Studies (with various tracks).