Major Personnel Action Files for Candidatexx Review for yy


1. This wiki is organized by the Chair of the Department-level review committee ("Department Personnel Committee" or DPC). The candidate has access only until the due date for submission of materials. After that time, the DPC chair uploads any additional materials the candidate wishes to submit.
2. The DPC Chair invites the candidate, Departmental administrative assistant, DPC members, Department Chair, CPC members, and Dean to join the wiki at the appropriate times (using the Invite People option under the Manage Wiki button).
3. When the review is complete, the wiki can be archived as a zip file (using the Exports option under the Manage Wiki button). The candidate can also receive a copy of combined materials after removal of letters of recommendation and accompanying materials to which the candidate has waived access.
4. Editing wikis and uploading files--the basics [include page + sandbox]

Table of Contents

Summary of Tenure Recommendations (tenure files only)
Recommendation of the Dean
Recommendation of the College Personnel Committee
Recommendation of the Chair
Recommendation of the Department Personnel Committee
Candidate's Curriculum Vitae
Candidate's Personal Statement (optional, but strongly recommended)
Number of Credits Taught During Probationary Years (tenure files only)
Waiver of Right of Access to Letters of Recommendation Form
Copy of the form letters used to solicit letters of recommendation
Internal Letters of Recommendation (indicate whether candidate has waived access)
External Letters of Recommendation
Evidence of Contributions in the Area of Teaching
Evidence of Contributions in the Area of Research, Creative or Professional Activity
Evidence of Contributions in the Area of Service
Annual Faculty Reports Since Appointment or Last Major Personnel Action
Notification of Personnel Action Form (to be submitted by Dean's office with file to Provost)
Optional: Other materials that the candidate deems appropriate