Project-based learning (PBL)

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Peter J. Taylor , Graduate program in Critical & Creative Thinking , and Science in a Changing World track

A. Introduction to my use of a form of PBL in graduate-level teaching (5 mins)

B. Economics faculty think about the 1918 flu pandemic--A rapid PBL experience (36 mins)
Goals (2 min)

Listen to the audio recording from a witness to the 1918 flu pandemic, (3 min)

On one's own

In pairs or threes: Compare responses with a view to stimulating more questions and clarifying those questions

On one's own
Spend time on the web finding out as much as you can that addresses one or more of the Questions, probably leading to more Questions.

In pairs (or threes) (5 min)

On one's own (2 min)

Everyone together (5 min)

C. A larger picture of PBL -> Q & A (15 Mins)
Key features and tensions of PBL,

(Footnotes: On the range of uses of wikis:
"Guided tour" on development of my teaching:
Fieldbook of tools and processes: Taylor, P. J., & Szteiter, J. (2012). Taking Yourself Seriously: Processes of Research and Engagement. Arlington, MA: The Pumping Station.)