Changing Science in Heterogeneous Environments

Talk for “The Truth Is the Whole ” symposium for the 85th birthday of Dr. Richard Levins, May 21-23, Harvard School of Public Health
Peter J. Taylor, Univ. of Massachusetts Boston,
Science in a Changing World graduate track,

Visual aids

Taxonomy of heterogeneities: Series of blog posts

Possibility of underlying heterogeneity: Taylor, P. J. (2014). Nature-Nurture? No: Moving the Sciences of Variation and Heredity Beyond the Gaps. Arlington, MA: The Pumping Station.

Participatory Planning: Epilogue to Taylor, P. J. (2005). Unruly Complexity: Ecology, Interpretation, Engagement. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Contention about heterogeneity-control-participation: blog post

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