One-on-One Session

As a researcher and writer, you meet with an advisor to discuss progress, plans, concerns, and questions. One-on-One Sessions should begin early in the project and be scheduled to allow timely resolution of any misunderstandings about the advisor's comments on written work and your responses to them. Discussions about misunderstandings often provide a chance to open up significant issues about your relationship to audience and influencing others.

When One-on-One Sessions are free-form, which is typically the case, advisors are free to offer advice that may or may not be what you were looking for right then. It can be fruitful instead to give sessions a more mindful structure. For example, a 30-minute meeting could be divided into three phases:
First 1/4: Researcher and advisor Freewrite to take stock of where things are at and identify their goals and priorities for the discussion.

Middle 1/2: Discussion that follows the researcher's goals and priorities first. Time permitting, additional issues are introduced by the advisor.

Final 1/4: Researcher and advisor separately make notes of what they learned from the discussion.