Busing Didn't End School Segregation

Goal of activity: To convert a hot-button issue to one in which each participant sees opportunities for learning more about the issue and how people think about it.

K—What do I Know? (or claim to know)
A—Action: What actions could people pursue on the basis of accepting this Knowledge?
Q—Questions for inquiry: What more do I need to Know—in order to clarify what people could do (K'->A’) or to revise/refine/support the knowledge claim (K->K’) if I am not ready to put forward an Action?


1. Start with K = Busing Didn't End School Segregation, then complete the KAQF form
2a. View responses of others,
2b. identify an assumption that someone else appears to have made or an alternative to their claim that I suggest that they consider, and
2c. complete the KAQF form again.
3. Repeat #2 or, if you Find out an answer to a Q, repeat #1.