Freewriting suggestions

Week 1
"I would like my work on X to influence Y to make changes in Z..."
"I often/ sometimes have trouble getting going until..."
"The differences between investigating ... and investigating .... might be that..."
"There are SO many aspects to my topic. I could look at..... and...."
"If I was given more background in how to analyze society-science relations, I would be better able to..."
"From my past experience, the kinds of issues or aspects of research I tend to overlook or discount include..."

Week 2
"When I think about sharing my incomplete work, what comes up is.... And this means I should....."

Week 3
"It may be very premature to lay out the arguments involved in my research, but it may help me define where I am going, so let me try..."
"Incorporating regular freewriting into my resesarch practice is (difficult? wonderful? a not yet achieved ideal?)..."

Week 5
"In the next two months what I most want to see happening in my project is... What is blocking me realizing this vision is...."
"Usually when I try to plan my work, what happens is.."

"Some aspect of science I'd like to be able to explain clearly for my project is.."

"If I had to state a question that keeps my subject, audience and purpose most clearly in focus, I would say..."

Week 7
"My ideal report would lead readers to see... I would grab their attention by... and lead them through a series of steps, namely....."