A presentation or written report on your project should achieve the following:
Grab the audience's attention.
(It is often helpful for listeners or readers to hear or read something that explains how you personally got involved in this inquiry, or what it means to you; see Sense-Making Contextualization.)

Orient the audience to
  • the direction of your own movement in undertaking the project, and
  • where your talk or paper will take the audience.
    (In the spirit of orienting the audience to what you are working towards, verbs are important. E.g., Instead of a report title such as “Lack of funds for girls' sport,” consider “Convincing corporations to fund girls' sport.”)

    Steps, that is, the overall argument or progression that leads your audience to the

    Position you want them to appreciate, whether or not they agree with your concluding propositions.

    (See Phase H)