Closing Circle (Check-Out)

During a Closing Circle or Check-Out at the end of a session, everyone takes a turn to speak to a prompt given by the session leader. A volunteer starts, then that person is asked to pass it to their left or their right, and things then proceed round the circle (or group) in that direction. A participant can pass and be given a turn at the end.

The prompt should request that the responses are short, even telegraphic. The leader can gently thank someone to cut them off if they speak for too long, go beyond the prompt, or start to repeat themselves. The important point is that every participant takes stock of the session or their plan for the time ahead and that this is heard and witnessed by the rest of the group.

Examples of prompts

Plus-Delta review of the session

“One thing I am planning to do differently this week.”

“One thing that I plan to do this week and one thing I am taking away to chew on from this session.”