Developing an ethical framework for participatory processes that integrate environmental concerns, ecological science, values, and action, with special attention to interaction among diverse social agents

(part of series of three discussion sessions )

Session goals


Compose five statements, questions, and/or reservations that are important to you concerning
Bring these to the session. (Arrive on time so we can get to work quickly.)

For a preview of step #6, see example of clustering and naming.


more instructions provided at the time of the session
1. Digest and make notes on the compilation of submissions with a view to representing not only your own views but also those of others
2. "Future Ideal Retrospective" Post-it individual brainstorming
3. Pair-discussion
4. Share with group as a whole
5. Photocopy assembled postits CaryPostIts.PDF
6. Individual grouping, naming, and synthesis
7. Closing circle

After the session

1. Syntheses copied and distributed
2. Products and process (over the three sessions) conveyed in a contribution to the Cary volume??


on how workshops work
"Generating environmental knowledge and inquiry through workshop processes"
"Cultivating Collaborators: Concepts and Questions Emerging Interactively From An Evolving, Interdisciplinary Workshop"
on the tension between the local and the translocal
"Epilogue: Three Stories", pp. 203-213 in Unruly Complexity
example of using this approach
Spring 2010 faculty seminar on Addressing "the challenge of bringing into interaction not only a wider range of researchers, but a wider range of social agents, and to the challenge of keeping them working through differences and tensions until plans and practices are developed in which all the participants are invested"