Generative 60-minute Session on Relations between Research and Engagement in Emerging Participatory Forms

Facilitator: Peter Taylor, UMass Boston,

Is it meaningful to study participation through social media without being interested in engaging in social media oneself or advising organizations how to employ them? Is it prudent to study the ways that participation happens through social media before initiating new forms of participation, or can research occur around well-designed interventions or engagements? How can researchers use participatory forms to design and implement new engagements, or even to design research on emerging participatory forms? These and other questions that emerge will be explored through this 60-minute session.

Process: Dialogue Hour,, which will be explained as we go. Participants can join in person in CIGIDEN conference Room at 11am Tuesday 24th or by google hangout at (*)

Tangible Goals: Participants should
  1. Clarify and extend their thinking about the relations between research on emerging participatory forms and engagement in developing those forms.
  2. Learn and practice the “dialogue hour” or five-phase format for generative discussions (online, face-to-face, or combined).
Experiential goals: Participants should experience how
  1. Clarifying and extending your thinking excites you to extend conversations about the topic beyond the limits of the session (in time and in who participates).
  2. Generative discussion using the dialogue hour format excites you to seek out and practice this participatory form and others based on the 4Rs framework, in short, “A well-facilitated collaborative process keeps us listening actively to each other, fostering mutual Respect that allows Risks to be taken, elicits more insights than any one person came in with (Revelation), and engages us in carrying out and carrying on the plans we develop (Re-engagement). What we come out with is very likely to be larger and more durable than what any one person came in with; the more so, the more voices that are brought out by the process” (