Design theme: “Form follows function”

Critical thinking theme:
“What is the function of a building? To keep people warm and dry. To make a corporation look good. … On and on it goes, function after function, and each one gives you different answers. …Even if you could settle on a single function, there's probably numerous forms that would do that particular job equally well.” (

Critical thinking theme:
Whenever anyone evaluates a design they can explore what unintended functions it has, which are both sources of frustration (and thus problems for re-design) and of opportunities (reconceiving what the design is actually for).

Design-critical thinking inquiry:
If critical thinking is associated with argumentation, then forms of argumentation (rhetoric) achieve certain functions, but they also close off alternative ways of thinking. Can we map out the forms of argumentation in relation to squashing ways of thinking? Moreover, do this in ways that makes us better able to subvert the squashing.