Notes towards a research proposal for international collaboration comparing policy and practices around new genetic technologies

(developed as part of Collaborative Exploration)

Steps in development

1. How do people, past and present, see their agency (or lack thereof) in relation to genetic information?
1a. How is this reflected in and reinforced by visual images?
2. How do people not see their agency in relation to "social experiments" with possible health consequences, e.g., antibiotic-fed livestock?
3. Review of information visualization field => No representations of agents embedded in intersecting processes
(examples scimaps, heterogeneity, Int. Processes) (in contrast:
4. Exploration of how complexity gets reduced as a result of setbacks in legal and policy arena
5. Method of Witness seminars in social history
6. Research proposal: Witness seminars in which people explore their sense of agency in relation to genetic information and to "social experiments" with possible health consequences
6a. No assumption that it is human nature to be concerned when you are affected as individual right now, and not look into changing the preconditions for others
7. Analysis of observations from witness seminar (TBA)
8. Extensions: Social theorizing