A proposed method for you to define scaffolding that:
a) has a vertical unity, from which changes horizontally flow;
b) can be revised or repeated readily in different situations;
c) is not so much taken away once the structure is built as internalized and thus gets built on;
d) integrates your personal perspectives with those of others (while not attempting to span the various levels of social action in intersecting social worlds).


1. Define an area of work and life in which you want to grow and develop.

2. Future Ideal Retrospective brainstorming

3. Clustering and naming

4. Amateur version of "interpretive structural modeling"

5. Put scaffolding into practice (aka the vertical unity generates the horizontal changes)
Consider a specific situation you face now in your area and brainstorm specific actions (including, if still appropriate, selections from the original post-its). Align these post-its with the clusters in your scaffolding. Emphasize first the actions that address the considerations in the lower clusters. Once those considerations have been digested (=processed until they are part of who you are), take actions that would address more the higher-up cluster considerations.
(Illustration -- click on any rung of the scaffolding to the post-its that correspond to it.)

Open questions

i. How to link the different scaffoldings that members of a group prepare (as against each individual doing their own thing on their own)?
ii. How to envisage vertical unities for actions above the personal level (e.g., implementing a carbon tax)?