Practicum CCT698 Fall 1998
Peter Taylor
Email:; Phone: 617-287-6520
Classes: Tu 4-6.30
Office Hours: TBA, by sign-up
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In this practicum you identify a current social or educational issue that concerns you—because you want to know more about it, advocate a change, or design an intervention. You work through the different stages of research and action—from defining a manageable project to communicating your findings and plans for further work. The classes run as workshops, in which you are introduced to and then practice using tools for research, writing, communicating, and supporting the work of others.

The course as a whole provides a model for guiding your own students or supervisees through the stages of systematically addressing issues that concern them. You will add to your box of tools for self-reflection and development, teaching, and involvement in group processes. If you are a CCT student, you will end up well prepared for—or well underway in—your synthesis projects.