Earth Expedition Webquest


Congratulations!You and your team of scientists have been given a grant to do an extended research study in either the Sahara Desert, Amazon Rainforest or Antarctica.Your assignment is to create an essay and photo journal on the area in which you choose to do your research.Since we have just started to study varying climates of the world from a naturalistís perspective, your research will help your classmates in their studies.Completed projects will be used by all of us as a study guide for future assessments.


Your first task is to determine which area you would like to explore.You should base your decision on the climate, geography, flaura and fauna of the area.To star the decision making process you should build a grid similar to the one below.Based on the data you should select the area that interests you the most and that you think will be of interest to your readers.




Geographical Features



Environmental Issues




















The following websites should be used for your initial investigations:


Once you have made your decision you should submit a proposal to me.In your proposal you should include basic facts about the area, potential areas of research and what resources you will need to live in the area during your research, given the terrain, climate and areas of research you may pursue.


After your proposal has been approved, each member of your group will need to accept a research role.Each group will have a geologist, botanist, zoologist, meteorologist and environmentalist.Each member of the group will conduct research in his/her area of expertise.


You are now ready to embark on your exploration.The following sites will take you on your virtual research expidition.Remember , each person in your group hasa specific job to do.Good luck.


For your journey into Antarctica you should start your research at the following sites:


Many scientists record their research with data in grids along with notes and photographs.You should begin to collect your information in the same way.Once you have gathered your information plan on meeting with your editor (me) to talk about organization and content.Once you are done with your research we will begin the writing of your essay and your photojournal together, using Frontpage.


The concluding activity for your team will be to look at the environmental issues facing Antarctica.You will need to decide on a course of action to rectify any environmental concerns.Each member should bring what they have learned to the discussion.Solutions come with consequences so you must come to a decision that is satisfactory to the entire group.Be sure to explain likely benefits and any potential negative impact youíre your solution may have. Once you have decided on a solution you should write an essay on your chosen solution and why you have agreed to the solution you chose.