CPR Workshops for Changing Science and Society: Reflection on Participation and Collaboration in STS

Peter Taylor
Science in a Changing World graduate track
University of Massachusetts Boston

Based on paper: Taylor, P. J., S. J. Fifield, C. Young (2011). "Cultivating Collaborators: Concepts and Questions Emerging Interactively From An Evolving, Interdisciplinary Workshop." Science as Culture 20(1): 89-105. (http://www.faculty.umb.edu/peter_taylor/08c.pdf).
Also relevant: Taylor, P. J. and J. Szteiter (2012). Taking Yourself Seriously: Processes of Research and Engagement Arlington, MA: The Pumping Station. (http://bit.ly/TYS2012)

Visual aids for talk: 4S12.pdf

November 2012 workshop in Coimbra, Portugal: "Troubled by heterogeneity?"